【键盘侠】湖人险胜公牛|18年了 他的第一个27+7+7何时才能到来?

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[Post Game Thread] The Los Angeles Lakers (7-3) defeat the Chicago Bulls (4-6), 117-115.




[–]Lakers Izrezar 6 指標 4小時前


Positives :

- Wesley Matthews should start when KCP is injured. He mainly plays off-ball on offense, and that’s perfect for Lebron. Imma be honest, he saved us in the third with his spot up shooting. Defensively he’s great, he loves playing defense so I have no concerns there.

- Lebron’s jumpshot this year looks solid. His midrange stats are a bit iffy, but that’s because he takes a lot of fadeaway jumpers. Since he’s posting up more now, there’s less strain on his body. But his shot selection is weird, why did he take that deep 3 late in the 4th?

- Trez’s energy is infectious. He seems to be the only player who’s giving his all, the rest just look kinda lazy and gassed. I like his scoring in the post too, as he has a few moves in his bag, even the occasional pull up middy. However his defensive effort needs to pick up a bit more, but he looked better on that end today, getting a nice block.

Negatives :

- Again, our lack of rim protection is showing. I’m starting to be desperate for a new center signing to stop the bleeding there.

- Schroder is inconsistent offensively, and on the nights where he’s off, our offense becomes terrible once Lebron leaves the floor. A way to remedy this would be for Schroder to shoot less but instead, pass more. Good thing he picked it up in the 2nd half

Honestly it feels like our team has lost their heart after the championship win. I understand why our players want to coast, but it’s starting to feel like they’re becoming entitled. We need to find that fire again, or else we’re going to lose badly more often. This was a lucky win, and it shouldn’t have been this close in the first place.









[–]shanmustafa 20 指標 4小時前

i really hope frank if need be can go to dennis and say yeah.. you can still play 24-30 mins a night but we need you off the bench, and then put Wes/KCP in the KCP/Green role from last year and Bron back at pg, or even talen or caruso

i just think at the end of games when they can put around Bron/AD 3 wing type players who know their role, like a caruso/wes/kcp, they’re gonna destroy teams on both ends



[–]Lakerssushie182 3 指標 4小時前

Only thing better than the win was shooting 23-27 from the FT line.


[–]Lakers Dougmartin22 54 指標 4小時前

Trez really stepped up tonight in AD’s absence, hope he keeps nabbing offensive rebounds at an insane rate



[–]NBA EarthWarping 51 指標 4小時前

Lebron carry job


[–]Eric_T_Meraki 45 指標 4小時前

And he still basically coasting too lol.


[–]Philippines Toobie4564 104 指標 4小時前

LMAO at that LeLogo attempt to ice the game


[–]Vancouver Grizzlies HibachiHomeInvasion 31 指標 4小時前

To be fair, he almost LeCoast’d the Lakers to a loss. The logo three attempt was ridiculous


[–]Lakers motorboat_mcgee 5 指標 4小時前*

That last three point attempt by LeBron made me mad. I know I’m supposed to support everything he does since he’s historically great and on my team... but Jesus Christ.


[–]Spurs bleachsai 5 指標 3小時前

I was surprised he didn't attack the rim at that stage.

It definitely looks like he's not exerting himself too much throughout the game. He scores when he needs for the team. Not sure what the message or goal was for this Lakers team for the first half of the season. If they can avoid any major injury for Davis or LeBron that would be better as they are still managing to win games. And, it's also LeBron we're speaking about; he knows all too well that he can't afford to not care about the regular season throughout the season, so he'll be alright.



[–][CHI] David Nwaba kbehr92 47 指標 3小時前

Lol he’s just trying to do cool shit at this point and add to his highlight reel. Can’t even blame him


[–]LakersRishiSunak 97 指標 4小時前

LeDrunk came to play in that last possession


[–][LAL] LeBron James SoundtrackToChaos 51 指標 3小時前

Lebron really doesn't care, he's bored out there.


[–]Lakers jackdaw1715 14 指標 3小時前

full coast mode rn


[–]salcedoge 215 指標 4小時前

It's insane how little fuck Lebron gives in this regular season games anymore


[–]Heat Giannis1995 96 指標 4小時前

Well, he has played like 1500 of them.


[–]trimble197 50 指標 4小時前

Yeah, it’s hilarious but also frustrating lol


[–][LAL] Kobe Bryant nini1423 13 指標 3小時前

I honestly can't wait until they start trying hard again. Maybe sometime in March or something.


[–]Lakers davensdad 20 指標 3小時前

fr ... it's funny but frustrating when we lose.


[–]Rockets bigtice 9 指標 3小時前


The regular season doesn't matter to LeBron -- it's just a tuneup for the playoffs.


[–]Equipment_Salt 16 指標 3小時前

Because fans like their teams to win


[–]Rockets bigtice 7 指標 3小時前

True, but most fans would rather their team lose in the regular season if they are actually in capable of winning a championship.


[–][LAL] Didier Ilunga-Mbenga honditar 5 指標 2小時前

I would never "rather see my team lose". I completely understand coasting and not worrying about/making a big deal of losses, but it still sucks to lose.



[–][TOR] Tracy McGrady TeBenny 2 指標 4小時前

So close to perfection. That 27-7-7 would have redeemed 2021


[–]Lakers Legalistigician 0 指標 4小時前

We came so close to getting Lebron’s first ever Lebron (27/7/7) tonight, but he LeTeased us


[–]Heat Giannis1995 9 指標 4小時前

LeBron James is the MVP frontrunner.


[–][TOR] Pascal SiakamMazKhan 於 4小時前 * 發表

Thought this was gonna be the game where he finally has a 27/7/7 game, crazy to think hes averaged 27 7 7 over a 18 year span but has never had those exact numbers in a game lol


[–]CIark 280 指標 4小時前

He’s saving 27/7/7 for his last game ever


[–]Killian Drake 99 指標 4小時前

what if he gets 27/7/7 in the first quarter, does he sit out?


[–]Lakers Jayveesac 100 指標 4小時前

He gets a 54/14/14 and wins the game


[–]Celtics JoJonesy 75 指標 4小時前*

His career averages are 27.0/7.4/7.4 right now, and so far this season he's averaging 8.6 rebounds. Suppose that he keeps up that average for this full season— it'll be 72 games long, so let's say he plays 60 more games for a total of 69 (nice). By the end of the season, his career average RPG will have gone up to 7.55— meaning his career averages will now be 27/8/7, a total he has hit twice in his career (once in 2007, once in 2017).

He did average 10 assists last year, so his average career APG could increase too.



[–][MIL] Bill Zopf FKJVMMP 22 指標 2小時前

It’s too late now. He’s had the 27/7/7 average since like 2007, that’s the LeBron forever. He could end up at like 23/9/10 or some shit and 27/7/7 would still be the LeBron.



[–][CHI] Jimmy Butler LackingInPatience 9 指標 4小時前

At least the Bulls are competing this season. Could have won this game too.


[–]Hawks thestallion11 59 指標 4小時前

They’ve looked a lot better over the past couple of games. Great to see so many more teams being competitive


[–]NBA zach_lowe_ 79 指標 4小時前

That shot by Garrett Temple was insane lol


[–]NBA mikesituation45 125 指標 4小時前

Zach Lavine just put up 38 points in 38 min easily. What the heck


[–][CHI] Jimmer Fredette Liquidgoldvelveeta 59 指標 3小時前

He's been doing shit like this for like... a while


[–]Lakers caughtinthought [分數隱藏] 1小時前

Honestly he's great but I still think he his shot selection is a little suspect. Made some weird decisions in the clutch.







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